Founded in 1973, Fiorita Kornhaas & Company, PC (FKC) is a leading accounting firm based in Danbury, Connecticut. At FKC we are committed to providing close, personal attention to each and every one of our clients. Our success is based on a commitment to excellence, providing clients with assistance based on years of advanced training, technical experience, and financial acumen. We view every client relationship as a partnership, and we strongly believe our success is a result of our client’s success. We are committed to helping our clients achieve the highest return on their investment.


"What I value most about working with Fiorita Kornhaas is they are always accessible and very professional which, for a guy like me, is very important. I've dealt with larger firms, and there is no personal relationship. If they don't know the answer to a question, they tell me, check it out, and get right back to me. I appreciate their candor and integrity."

Don Beckwith, CFO - ebm papst

"The professionals at Fiorita Kornhaas invest time building client relationships without 'nickel and diming'. They listen, ask relevant questions, and always follow up. The competency and integrity of the firm's professionals guarantee clients always receive the advice and guidance that Fiorita Kornhaas believes is best suited to their unique needs."

Phil White, President & CEO - Better Package, Inc.




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